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Reduce the Cost of Heating Your Home with a Wood or Pellet Stove

All too often we assume heating a home revolves around the thermostat; however, a cost-effective and attractive addition to any room is a wood or pellet stove. The Soot Slayer offers wood and pellet stove installations at affordable prices in the Greater Spokane metro region. We invite you to contact us to learn more about the different options that will reduce utility bills and render a pleasant focal point to any room in your home. We are factory service techicians for all Harmon pellet stoves and inserts!

What are the Benefits of a Pellet Stove?

  • Pellet stoves are easy to maintain
  • Minimal smoke and low emissions
  • Pellets are light and easy to store
  • Easily turns off and on

We clean and repair many brands of pellet stoves, including England, Quadrafire and Breckwell Lopi. Also we are a factory service technician for Harmon pellet stoves and inserts.

What are the Benefits of Wood Stoves?

Wood Stoves:

- Affordable to maintain

- Doesn't require electricity!

- You can get wood supplies anywhere

What are the Benefits of Wood And Pellet Inserts?

Wood and Pellet Inserts:

Wood or Pellet stove that goes into an existing fireplace, this converts it into wood or pellet insert.

Your choice of whether to invest in a wood pellet or wood stove may depend on several factors. You can rely on trained professionals at The Soot Slayer to help you make that decision. You can also discuss any possible repairs you may need.

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